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Gamblin Galkyd G Gel 150 Ml

Gamblin Galkyd G Gel 150 Ml

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Brand: Gamblin


  • Gamblin Galkyd Gel Medium - 5 oz tube

Binding: Kitchen

model number: GB01500

Part Number: GB01500

Details: Gamblin Galkyd G Gel 150 Ml

EAN: 0729911015001

Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 1.7 x 1.4 inches

MY RECCOMENDATION: Galkyd Gel is a stiff gel that holds thicker, sharper brushmarks and dries more quickly. Galkyd Gel increases transparency of oil colors and creates impasto. In the world of oil painting, we follow a principle that the brightly illuminated sections of the subject get adorned with a more substantial coat of paint. The use of impasto technique, enriched with this special medium, retains the strokes of the brush in the paint layer, providing a distinct texture and shine to the illuminated areas—a quality that's not easily attained with paint directly from the tube. I also employ an oleogel from the RUBLEV company to craft texture in my artwork.


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